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They delish! @jerilynmontoya

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LOLOLOL this dogs special.

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If I don’t know you personally, please know that I am indifferent towards you and harbor no ill thoughts.
I love that people are still judging me from high school… That was almost three+ years ago. Everyone changes so much even in just a year, leave me alone. People I knew in high school that cheated in relationships, no longer do.
Leave the past in the past and leave me aloneeeeee.

People who are calling the Coca-Cola advert un-patriotic..

Maybe they should have sang Rule Britannia to be the highest level of patriotic, huh?

Looks like I got carried away with blush this morning.. I hate working truck when it’s cold.


Tony likes to make bird puns at Hawkeye.

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Why I believe in reincarnation: energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When I die, my life energy will go into something else. Be it an animal or another human being. Even when I die, I’ll still be in this world around the people I love.

This fool..
Just hit #400 #pokemon in my #pokedex. Aww yeah. #gottacatchemall


I just starred Epiduo a few days ago and I am in pain. I don’t break out as badly on my t-zone as I do around my mouth and chin, so I’ve only been applying it on the bottom half of my mouth. I have to say, sweet baby jesus my face hurts. It is DRY as a desert and peeling pretty badly. My nightly regimen is wash my face, apply Latisse onto my eyelashes, moisturize the face with non comedian


Leo always knows how to make you feel better.

Oh my. I love this LOL

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I miss my baby :(